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Small Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Body Scuplting: Scuplt that lean, defined body you want with various exercises using a variety of resistance and cardio exercises/equipment

Bootcamp: designed to push you to the max. Class layout changes every week to shock your muscles each time.  

Cardio mix: A mixture of strength and cardio for a full body workout. 

Circuit: Features various stations, including a mix of cardio and strength exercises which you repeat typically for 3 rounds. All of the circuits can be modified so this class is appropriate for the beginner through the seasoned athlete.

Drillz: An AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) -style layout of strength and cardio exercises. Can be modified to be more cardio, or more strength, as you desire. 

Metabolic Charge: High intensity cardio. Designed to spike your metabolism for 24-48 hours!

Spin: One of the best non-impact cardio workouts available; gear up or down to suit your fitness level. This is a 30-minute X-press class!

Strength and Tone:​ high reps and low weights for toning and definition. Full body workout choreographed to music!

Sweat: A cardio-predominant class designed to give you a huge calorie burn. Get ready to SWEAT!

Tone Zone: A full body workout designed to burn calories and shred fat to give you muscle tone and definition. 

TRX: TRX suspension workout.  TRX was created by a Navy SEAL on deployment.  It improves total body strength, core stability and cardiovascular health.

TRX/HIIT: combining both interval high-intensity cardio and strength training to get a lean and toned body.

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